About Fun 'n Fit Infatables

As parents of 3 young children and one on the way, we are always looking for opportunities to involve our kids in enjoyable, physical activities. We first became interested in inflatables after seeing the endless hours of entertainment they provide children at parties and various social events. We also appreciated the fact that jumping is something most any child can do, a great way to burn energy, and at the same time, lots of fun.

However, when we took a closer look at the bounce houses offered in our area, we were often disappointed to find a great many of them either unsafe, poorly maintained or dirty, and at best, mediocre in quality. We then decided that, through Fun ‘n Fit Inflatables, we can and must do a better job.

We vowed to set a new and higher standard by offering only top quality, amazing inflatables, that will always be safely set-up, maintained and clean, giving parents peace of mind and children a lasting joyful memory.